SGM Results

Posted by Giffo to the Club blog
10:47PM Tuesday, 12 August 2014

SGM was a success.

Our new Secretary is Rizqi Abmar, our former Webmaster.  Our new Webmaster is Aaron Chong; long-time member, first-time committee member.

We also decided, by an overwhelming majority, that Code Lyoko is not an anime.

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SEE and AMC's Joint Pokemon Night - 20/08

Posted by Watari to the Club blog
10:09PM Monday, 11 August 2014

AMC and SEE joint event? You'll want to 'catch' this one!

Next week we'll be screening the entire 4 episode series of last year's Pokemon Origins. This is a story based off of Red and Blue's Pokemon adventure.

It follows a boy called Red who begins on a journey with his Pokemon, Charmander, (because he doesn't plan for early type advantages) as he seeks to catch all the Pokemon in the Kanto region and become the Pokemon League Champion!

Date: Wednesday, 20th August

Time: 6:45pm

Location: Hercus Theatre, Physics South

And if you could want anything more, there will of course, be food provided by both clubs. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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SGM Notice

Posted by Giffo to the Club blog
4:12PM Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Yep, we’re having a Special General Meeting.  Our Secretary, after many years’ service, has recently had to retire, but the show must go on – we must elect a new one.  Our Webmaster is retiring at the same time, so this is a great chance to get involved with your club.  Also, perhaps more importantly, there will be FREE pizza and drinks. Free food. What more can you ask for?

Date: Tuesday the 12th of August

Time: 12:45pm till 2:00pm

Place: Infrastructure Engineering Building – C2 Theatre (the Tuesday screening room)

Every current club member is eligible for a general committee position, but Exec positions are only for students of the University. Every committee position that is vacant will need to be filled at the AGM; as such, it is fair game to anyone who wants to have a go and help out with running the club. The positions are listed below:

Executive Committee:


General Committee:

-Web Master

Nominations for these positions will be open at the AGM but should you be unable to attend and still want to nominate yourself for any of these positions, please email [email protected] with your name, contact details, and any speech that you want read at the AGM. If you wish to know more about the roles of any of the above positions, again don't hesitate to email the President on the above email address. 

Also linked below are two very important documents. These outline crucial information about the AGM and the club so we strongly encourage everyone who is planning to attend to read them. These documents are:

Agenda - A description of what will happen during the AGM, topics that will be discussed and how the meeting will be structured.

Current Constitution - The pillars upon which this club stands on.


Your WWWA Committee

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Future Events

Posted by Giffo to the Club blog
9:27PM Saturday, 2 August 2014

Week 2 is coming, and everyone knows that's the week you actually have to start studying (no, I'm not going to say that about every week.  Shh).  And that means it's time for... us to announce more events?  Well... close enough.

Event 1: Our first Manga and Anime Discussion event of the semester.  It's basically just another chance for our members to mingle, but still worth it.

What: Manga and Anime Discussion

When: Thursday August 7, 2:15pm

Where: Mary Cooke B, Union House Second Floor

Second, a few people have expressed interest in seeing a movie (yes, an anime movie) called Patema Inverted during the Melbourne International Film Festival.  Patema Inverted is a movie that's received a lot of buzz, the director is a relatively young new talent, and appears to be a good movie.  Long story short, some of us are going to see it.  This won't be a club-funded or official event; it's just an outing where we go to the cinema and see a movie.

What: Patema Inverted at the Melbourne International Film Festival

When: Saturday August 16, 1:00pm meetup for the 1:30pm session

Where: Hoyts Melbourne Central (meet outside the ticket booth)

That's enough for now,

Your AMC Committee

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SEE/AMC joint movie night this Wednesday!


Screenings are happening five days a week this semester! Check out the screenings page for more info.


Check out the new library site for information about how to borrow, and what series we have (it's a lot, we have over 9TB of anime on offer!)

IRC (Chat)

Drop by our IRC channel at #wwwa @ irc.mergo.net (or use our IRC widget). There's always loads of us chatting and having fun!


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