Easter Mid-Semester Break Marathon - 24/4

Posted by Watari to the Club blog
4:50PM Thursday, 17 April 2014

Now that the AGM's all over and done with and you know who to salute and/or bow to as you see them hanging around uni, it's time to announce the first major event of this exciting time: The Traditional Mid-Semester Marathon! For those of you who don't know, we tend to pick a day during the holidays where we book a lecture theatre and watch anime all day - and these holidays are no exception. 

Event: Marathon (of watching anime, not running)

Date: Thursday April 24  

Location: Old Arts - Theatre C  

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm  

The theme is 'New Season Stuff' - so get ready for us to tell you what's totally groovy (terms used ironically) and what all the cool kids will be talking about for the next three months. And yes, there will be pocky.

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2014-2015 Committee

Posted by Watari to the Club blog
3:50PM Sunday, 13 April 2014

A hearty congratulations to this year's newly elected committee! Here's to another great year with faces old and new alike.

Executive Committee

President: David Gifford
Vice-President: Steven Greenan
Treasurer: Mark Sun 
Secretary: Kirsten Moir

General Committee 

Librarian: Jerome Petit
Web Master:
 Rizqi Abmar
 John Brown
Art Director:
 Kai Ding
Liaison Officer
:: Lam Nguyen

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2014 Annual General Meeting and Tuesday Room Change

Posted by Perd to the Club blog
10:36PM Monday, 31 March 2014

Before we get to the exciting bit of this communication, we need to inform you all that the Tuesday lunchtime screening room has changed yet again. The new room (and the room for the rest of the semester) will be Old Metallurgy Building - Room 202. Apologies for all the room changes, we are just as annoyed by them as you. This will hopefully be the absolute last change for the semester. 


Now, it's that time of the year again when its out with the old and in with the new. Weekly Watchers of Wonderful Anime will be holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in a few weeks and its a great chance for those who want to find out how we operate, and have a say on how we will run in the future.

In particular, at this AGM we will be voting on whether to change our club name from "The Weekly Watchers of Wonderful Anime" to  "The Anime and Manga Club". Note that this is a proposed change - we will be rigorously discussing the pros and cons at the meeting. If you want to take part in this discussion and make your voice heard make sure you are there! Not only that, we also have to decide who gets to be on the 2014-2015 committee. If that's not enough, there will be FREE pizza and drinks. Free food. What more can you ask for?


Date: Friday the 11th of April

Time: 12:45pm till 2:00pm

Place: Babel Building - Chisholm Theatrette (the Friday screening room)


Every current club member is eligible for a general committee position, but Exec positions are only for students of the University. Every committee position will be vacant and need to be filled at the AGM and as such, it is fair game to anyone who wants to have a go and help out with running the club. The positions are listed below:

Executive Committee:


-Vice President



General Committee:



-Art Director

-Liaison Officer

-Web Master

Nominations for all these positions will be open at the AGM but should you be unable to attend and still want to nominate yourself for any of these positions, please email [email protected] with your name, contact details, and any speech that you want read at the AGM. If you wish to know more about the roles of any of the above positions, again don't hesitate to email the President on the above email address. 

Also linked below are several very important documents. These outline crucial information about the AGM and the club so we strongly encourage everyone who is planning to attend to read them. These documents are:

Agenda - A description of what will happen during the AGM, topics that will be discussed and how the meeting will be structured.

Current Constitution - The pillars upon which this club stands on, and there are several amendments to be considered this year. Namely, the name change to "The Anime and Manga Club".

Proposed Constitution - The fine details of the change (literally just changing article 1.1 and the title of the document).

The Financial Report will be distributed at the meeting, and details all the financial dealings of the club since the last AGM.

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Manga and Anime Discussion Event - 3/4

Posted by Perd to the Club blog
9:38PM Friday, 28 March 2014

Your committee is proud to present a new and improved Manga and Anime Discussion Event, as we expand our horizons from the realm of static pictures of manga to the world of anime. Although most of the focus of the event will still be on manga as per usual, we realised that inevitably anime would come into the equation and discussion and therefore we have decided to include it in the name of the event. We will be complementing the event with some physical copies of manga from Rowden White Library, but as always encourage you to bring your own to share and show the others at the event.

Date: Thursday 3rd of April

Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Location: Union House Second Floor - Joe Napolitano A

Like always, there will be pocky and drinks, so why not come along and bring a few friends while you snack and explore the intricacies of manga and anime. If you haven't come to many events yet this semester, this is a great one to meet some members and make friends!

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Manga and anime discussion event next week. AGM and another movie night in week 6!


Screenings are happening four days a week this semester! Check out the screenings page for more info.


Check out the new library site for information about how to borrow, and what series we have (it's a lot, we have over 9TB of anime on offer!)

IRC (Chat)

Drop by our IRC channel at #wwwa @ irc.mergo.net (or use our IRC widget). There's always loads of us chatting and having fun!


Meet like-minded members on our Facebook Page. Join our group to keep up to date!